IAAPA Attractions Expo 2106 – the Black Friday of theme parks and attractions

IAAPA Show article by Themego.com

Excited for this year’s Thanksgiving shopping celebration events? Well, attractions has their own event called-  IAAPA Attractions Expo. The expo is the biggest in the world for themed entertainment and gathers the suppliers of the industry showcasing their latest offerings and technologies.

The event is educational as well! Even if you’re not from the industry and interested in theme parks, roller coasters and more- you’ll be simply amazed by the sheer size of the exhibition floor (which even includes an outdoor exhibition!). For the time of the event – Orange County Convention Center transformers into a huge and magnificent playground with rides, video games, special treats and food and just about any imaginable amusing experience! The blend of people is so unique and you can find CEOs and directors of companies that are there to learn about new products with kids who are just in it for the fun!  (and I’m suspecting some of the adults are there just to enjoy it all!)

“Techfood introduced their Choco Kebab! Yes, you heard! A Chocho Kebab! and it’s as tasty as it looks! That’s sooooo cool!”





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